ICAC has exposed the corrupt culture of money politics in NSW.

While a few corporate fat cats get richer, our services are cut and sold off.

Our jobs, workplace health and safety and unions are also under threat.

This has to change! We need to reclaim our democracy.

The NSW state election in March 2015 is an opportunity to support a progressive political alternative to the politics of 'no choice'.

Our platform

  • No WestConnex. Build free, frequent and fast public transport – not tollways

    The state governments’ poor planning and infrastructure investments mean more traffic congestion, expensive toll roads and much more carbon pollution. Rather than waste billions of public money on constructing more private tollways like WestConnex, we need to spend public money on extending light and heavy rail, and making public transport free, fast and frequent.

  • Reverse the attacks on workplace health and safety

    including the cutting of cover for travel to and from work, the end of paid up medical expenses after one year and the end of lump sum payments for pain and suffering.

  • Protect jobs and conditions in the public sector

    The NSW government has legislated to cap public sector wages at 2.5%. Some 15,000 jobs have been cut from the public sector, unemployment is rising and young people face an uncertain future due to a lack of jobs and cuts to TAFE and apprenticeship schemes. We need investment in education and sustainable jobs.

  • NSW is not for sale – stop the sell-offs

    The NSW government has stepped up the privatisation of publicly-owned assets – such as the electricity system (which was already partially privatised) hospitals, transport and other public services. These sell-offs only benefit the big end of town. Workers and their families lose out. These essential services and utilities should be taken back under public control to meet community needs not corporate profit lines.

  • Nationalise – don't privatise

    The privatisation of Port Kembla will lead to less jobs, not more. More than 7,800 jobs have gone from the state’s three electricity distributors: this is around 60% of the workforce at Essential Energy, Endeavour Energy and Ausgrid. If the government cannot, or will not, continue to run these basic services then working people can, and will, do it themselves.

  • Defend the right to strike

    The NSW government is attacking the right to strike by increasing fines for workers taking industrial action. This is a direct attack on the only power workers have – the right to withdraw our labour.

  • Renewables, not more fossil fuels

    The push for coal and coal seam gas exploration and extraction across NSW puts our food, water and the climate at risk. We need to make the switch to renewable energy now and phase out fossil fuels while protecting jobs and livelihoods. End the billions in government subsidies to the coal and CSG companies and shut down the CSG industry until a Royal Commission investigates if it is environmentally benign as it claims to be. Absolutely no CSG mining in our drinking water catchments.

  • Housing is a right

    In Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks, public housing residents are being evicted so that the billionaires can profit from property deals. We support a massive expansion of public housing, rental caps and low-cost apartments for service workers and others who work around the clock.

  • Rights for women

    Remove abortion from the Crimes Act. No to foetal personhood laws – a back door way of attacking women's rights. Full funding for women's refuges and housing for women and children escaping family violence.

For more information about Socialist Alliance's policies, please visit the policy page.