Why you should vote socialist this election

This campaign, we've talked to a range of activists from several social movements, to unionists, community activists and residents who turn up to candidate forums who are genuinely interested in alternative viewpoints. At meetings, I have found voters are genuinely looking around for a serious alternative, for a party they can identify with and one that articulates what they have been feeling and thinking.

Another positive sign of this openness was the support we have received from the NSW Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU) Construction Division for our campaign.

The NSW Greens have mounted a strong campaign in NSW, with candidates in every seat, as well as a full ticket in the Legislative Council. While they are not in a position to form government, they hope to retain and even increase their representation in both houses of NSW Parliament.

So, is a vote for Socialist Alliance a wasted vote? The answer is no, and there are good reasons why.

First, thanks to our preferential system, in the Upper House, and in the seats of Summer Hill and in Newcastle you can give a vote first to Socialist Alliance, then to the Greens, then other progressive candidates, followed by Labor ahead of the Liberals, Nationals and other right-wing candidates.

Second, having a socialist in parliament can amplify the voices of community, workplace and social campaigns and activists, so they have a better chance of being heard. We have to use all avenues at our disposal, including parliament, to build the movements to defend and mobilise our class. Direct and participatory democracy is all about empowering people so they become the organised force for social change.

[Susan Price is the Socialist Alliance candidate for the seat of Summer Hill in the NSW wlection and one of the party’s national co-conveners.]

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Thursday, March 26, 2015
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